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Microfluidic Cartridge Cleaner

Designed to wash and recycle the circulating tumour cell (CTC) isolation cartridges used in Isoflux® device. The expensive, microfluidic-channel cartridges used by the Isoflux® device can now be recycled and reused over and over again. This washer is validated and used by multiple centres around the world. Moreover, we have developed a special protocol in combination with this washer which enables the isolation of totally viable CTC cells from patient blood samples which enabled scientist to culture these CTC cells in vitro.


Slide Dryer

Specifically build station for drying microscope slides. This dryer has a proprietary multidirectional, differential air flow fans to avoid air vortex formation inside the drying chamber hence enabling rapid, smooth and undisturbed drying of up to 200ml of biological sample droplets on glide slides for fixation before further downstream analysis. This slide dryer reduces the […]


Cell Lyser

Battery powered motorised cell lyser for rapidly scarping and lysing cells from the bottom of 96/24/12 and 6-well plates where the traditional cell scrapers cannot fit. The plates can easily be maintained on ice when using this cell lyser thus minimizing any potential degradation during the extraction of RNA and proteins for the sensitive experiments. Attached cells can be effectively lysed and extracted from the wells within seconds.


Liquid Extraction Pump

Portable, battery powered liquid transfer pump is chemically resistant to a wide range of corrosive and/or hazardous chemicals, enabling hands-free, safe and quick transfer of liquids from one place to another. It can also be used to transfer or drain accumulated liquids from hard-to-reach places such as inside equipment or radiators etc. High capacity, rechargeable […]


Slide Adaptor

We have developed this adaptor to enable 2-chamber Countess, Eve, Nano-EnTek and C-Chip slides to be compatible with the Luna-II cell counter.


Pump Silencer


Pump Silencer

Designed to reduce the noise of aspirator pumps in the laboratories. The innovative triple chamber noise silencer dramatically reduces the noise generated by the aspirators hence saving the scientist headache by removing the annoying background noise in their lab. When connected to the air outlet of any aspirator pump, it reduces the unnecessary pump noise […]


Incubator Handle

These handles are bespoke designed to replace those thin plastic incubator handles that are hard to find the original replacements when broken. This incubator handle is 3D printed using our proprietary resin formula for extra strength and impact durability and it is much stronger than the original handles.


Snap Freezing Platform

Our snap freezing platform can be designed to be compatible with a wide range of tube sizes, it is safe to operate, does not require too much training, highly cost effective and it is much better than other snap freezing platforms that are cooled by dry-ice alone.


Organoid/Spheroid Fixing Platform

This platform together with our developed protocol is designed to concentrate the precious biological samples such as cultured organoids and spheroids at one side of the fixing block. This method greatly improves the visual aspect and quality of the fixed samples when sectioned for the microscopy imaging. With this platform, the microscope sections contain much […]


Spray Bottle Holder

Convenient way of storing the sterilizing spray bottle next to your tissue culture hood instead of the nearby table for the ease of reach as well as freeing up a bit of work space.


Bespoke Tube Racks

These tube racks are bespoke designed for specific requirements of the labs. Either needing to keep the Bijou tubes organised on your lab bench or keeping the FACS tubes safe and organised on wet-ice whilst visiting the FACS facility, we have you covered.