Imrali Invention

Slide Cleaner Validation Result

We have extensively validated our washer with Countess II, TC20, Luna II and Cellometer cell counter slides. Here we only include Countess II (the most commonly used cell counter) results. For more specific results you can contact us.

Countess II cell counter slide

Figure1: The images of the disposable slide when brand new, after loading and after washing has been obtained. Washing can successfully remove all of the cells and debris from the slide.

New Vs. Washed Slide Comparison

Figure 2: Slides have been loaded with cells and washed upto 20 times. After each 5 consecutive load and wash, the washed slides and brand new slides were loaded with the same cell solution and cells counted using Invitrogen's Countess II cell counter. results show no significant difference between the brand new and washed slides even after 20 washes. each bar represents average of four readings.