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We provide a wide range of innovative and uniqute laboratory equipment, including but not limited to cell counter slide cleaners, aspirators, slide dryers, cell lysers, 3D printed replacements, fixing platforms and more. Explore our catalog to find the tools that meet your specific needs. We also offer bespoke laboratory solutions, this entails designing, developing and manufacturing a solution to your laboratory problems.

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Yes, depending on the model it can be compatible with different cell counter slides. We also have the iWash® Super+® which is compatible with multi-chamber slides as well as slides from most commonly used cell counter brands. Our range of different iWash® models cover almost all types of the commonly used slides in the market. Please refer to our iWash® Compatibility table on our website to see the full range of iWash® models and their multi-compatibility with different slide brands.

No, our New iWash Super+® model is an all-in-one solution and it is multi- compatible with most commonly used cell counter brands in the world. We also offer additional iWash® models to cover for the remaining cell counter brands. Alternatively, the washing head of the iWash® can be changed (upgraded) by us to make your iWash® compatible for your new cell counter.

No, the iWash® is designed to be virtually maintenance and service free. You only need our proprietary Wash fluid concentrate and Silicon defoamer to wash your slides. They are available on our website as well as via our distributors at a low price in order to maximize the benefit of the iWash®. The iWash® is invented to help scientists whilst reducing waste and saving money.

You can buy it directly from the manufacturer on this website. Alternatively, it can be bought via one of our distributors wherever necessary due to institutional limitations. Please use the contact us for a quote button on the store page and we will arrange this for you.

We sell internationally. We have a growing number of labs around the world using iWash® and Imrali Inventions® products on a daily basis. We have distributors in the key locations around the world including the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, Pakistan and China. If you are a distributor interested in our products please contact us with the form on this website.

Yes, we have fantastic testimonials from labs all around the world, some of the testimonials can be found on our website. We have the iWash® in multiple major institutions and laboratories worldwide.

We have some demo units in some countries however, depending on your location it may not be cost effective to provide a demo unit. iWash® is now a proven technology with great testimonials which is thoroughly tested, evaluated and adopted by reputable labs around the world in the past 5 years. We are happy to schedule a virtual demo or share the videos of our previous demo events. Also, you can return the iWash® back to us for a full refund. (please see the return conditions in our iWash® warranty certificate).

Wash fluid concentrate (100ml) and Silicone defoamer (100ml). Which will be enough for 5000 washes. The iWash® will be packaged with a starter set of reagents and you can purchase more on our website.

Yes, the wash fluid concentrate is safe to work with but it is a concentrated fluid therefore appropriate PPE should be worn when handling. Please refer to MSDS on our website. Wash fluid concentrate is safe to be stored on lab benches, shelves and storage cabinets at room temperature and stable up to 5 years from the date of purchase. The wash fluid concentrate does not emit any toxic gases and does not have any explosive or flammable nature. When diluted in distilled water to working concentration, it can be stored at room temperature and stable up to 3 months. MSDS is readily available to download from our website. Because of its proprietary nature the MSDS does not state the full ingredients, only the nature of hazards with appropriate handling and warning signs.

The iWash® is very easy to use. Simply place the used slide in the washer and press the start button. It will automatically wash the slide with our optimized, pre- programmed washing protocol and the slide will be cleaned in less than 15 seconds. Then remove the slide and place in attached dryer unit for another 5 seconds. The slide will then be ready use straight away.

Slides can either be washed straight after the cell count (it only takes 20 seconds) or placed in our HumiBox slide storage compartment to wash later.

The slide recovery solution can recover dried-out slides up to 6 months old. Alternatively, soaking slides in a diluted wash fluid solution overnight can also recover those dried-out slides.

This has been testes with our for over 50 washes with no change in the consistency of results. With correct handling of slides, they can be washed even more times.

Our HumiBox ensures the slides are stopped from drying for up to 3 days. Alternatively, it is also possible to recover those dried-out slides.

iWash® is small, compact and all-in-one unit design to occupy minimum bench space. iWash® can be placed right next to your current cell counter in the lab. The size of the unit is 23cm x 21cm x 17cm (L,W,H). Smaller than most automated cell counters.

Yes, iWash® has a very small carbon footprint. The energy consumed to wash and dry 100 slides is equivalent to 8.6 Watt which is much less than fully charging an ‘iPhone 11’ battery (12Watt).

iWash® is very user and space friendly, easy to use and requires no specific training. We have also developed different ways of washing your slides, thus making it very easily adoptable to any lab workflow. Slides can be washed either straight away or days later.

iWash® is designed to handle one slide at each time. Because the slides are counted one at a time, it is also easy to wash them whilst counting the next slide. The wash and dry step takes less than 20 seconds all together.

iWash® is faster, consistent and safer than manually cleaning the reusable slides. iWash® washes and dries a slide in less than 20 seconds. The whole procedure is carried out in an air tight enclosure system ensuring user is not exposed to any biohazardous waste. On the other hand, manually washing a slide can take up to 2 minutes of laborious work. Also, it needs to be done carefully to ensure the slide is properly cleaned from potential carryover waste. Moreover, manually cleaning slides always exposes the user to biohazardous waste inside of the slide.

No, the iWash® slide cleaner is programmed with a specially developed wash programme which is very effective for removing the cells from the slide. Our patented direct injection technology removes all of the cells and waste in less than a second. However, the wash program runs between 10-15 seconds to ensure that the slides are perfectly clean each time so the post-wash check is not required although it can be performed.

The iWash® is designed to ensure this however, should you still need to check the cleanliness of your washed slides for peace of mind: You can load it with sterile water or PBS and check the cell count in the cell counter. We do not recommend counting when the chambers are empty. To check dryness: Dried slides should have no visible wash fluid residues in its chambers. This can quickly be assessed when the slide is visually checked after drying.

Yes, absolutely. The iWash® is a low voltage (12V) operating device which does not have any sharp, explosive or heating parts. There are additional safety features built in which ensures the added safety of the user. These are; The iWash® does not start until there is a slide present in the washing head and the lid is in the closed position. Opening the lid during operation immediately stops the washer. In fact using iWash® is safer than manually cleaning of the slides. Because iWash® cleans slides in a completely sealed and airtight environment, protecting users from getting exposed to any hazardous material. Moreover, the wash fluid is designed to quickly neutralise and deactivate any cellular, viral, bacterial and fungal biohazards upon it’s contact in the slide’s chamber(s).

Yes. It is possible that some batches of new slides may contain particulates as a result of the process used for manufacturing. It is possible that microscopic dust or glue particles may still be acquired in these slides from the manufacturer. These particulates may be incorrectly detected as dead cells in new slides unless washed with iWash® slide cleaner prior to use.

Yes, the iWash® ensures the most precise and accurate cell counting for you. Because when reusable slides are cleaned manually, they are cleaned inconsistently by different users and therefore they always have the risk of carry over thus inaccurate cell counts for the next user. On the other hand, iWash® is tested by independent labs and found to be 100% efficient at cleaning the used slides with no carryover. The optimized, pre-programmed, automatic wash cycle ensures an effective, consistent and unbiased cleaning every time.

The cleaning of the slide is very gentle and does not cause any physical strain or any structural change to the slide, enabling the same slide to be washed and used time and time again. Our proprietary iWash® wash fluid concentrate is specially designed to gently clean, sterilise, recondition and aid the quick drying of the slides. After each wash, the internal surface of the slide is reconditioned by the wash fluid solution making it like new and easy to load with sample again.

The wash fluid contains strong disinfectant in order to sterilize the slide and quickly deactivate cells, viral, bacterial or fungal microorganisms. The waste material collected in the waste bottle is deactivated with the wash fluid thus it does not require any specialist disinfection steps. Most of the time the waste can be poured down the sink unless the cell dye used is carcinogenic and/or has an environmental impact such as Trypan blue. In this case, the appropriate disposal procedure for biohazardous liquid waste should be followed according to the rules of the local authorities.

No, Wash fluid contains the disinfectant required to effectively disinfect and neutralise any microorganisms in the waste.



Ispirator is world’s first smart-green aspirator designed to provide best user experience. There are many problems with conventional aspirators such as high noise, constant blockage, big size, difficulty of cleaning, energy consumption, life span etc. We have improved all aspects in one package and called it iSpirator

it is designed to be highly energy efficient. Most aspirators work for the entire time but iSpirator only works when the hand piece is in hand. This results in completely eliminating the unnecessary operation time and saving up to 90% of the energy used for the same job. Also it is classified as a low voltage product at 12V unlike some other aspirators at 240V mains voltage.

Yes, we have designed it to be energy efficient yet powerful. It is possible to reduce energy consumption whilst keeping the performance. We achieve this by our special pump and motor design providing a strong suction, long life and energy efficiency.

We have studies all other aspirators from low end to high end. We found and studied their weak spots and innovated solutions to create a new aspirator that will have none of the issues associated with other aspirators. iSpirator is designed to be highly user friendly, having minimalistic design with maximum performance, ease of operation, eco-friendly, highly durable with improved safety features.

iSpirator is designed to be eco-friendly, cable-free and as minimalistic as possible. Therefore we use wireless communication as well as independently functioning mechanical sensors in this device. Removing unnecessary on/off wires, sensor wires and their connectors improves the safety and hygiene of the device. It also increases tidiness and the lifespan of the device because these extra wires and connectors are usually subject to corrosions, accidental damage and consequent failure of the aspirators.


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