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CAT#: SLD02-14


Specifically build station for drying microscope slides. This dryer has a proprietary multidirectional, differential air flow fans to avoid air vortex formation inside the drying chamber hence enabling rapid, smooth and undisturbed drying of up to 200ml of biological sample droplets on glide slides for fixation before further downstream analysis.

This slide dryer reduces the drying time from 2-6 hours at room temperature (depending on the air moisture levels) to merely 15 minutes thus minimizing the potential degradation and/or molecular level alterations such as apoptosis that may be caused to the viable cells in the biological sample droplet prior to examination.


This 14 slot slide dryer is initially designed as an important accessory for the Parsortix® circulation tumour cell (CTC) isolation platform. A well-known professor using Parsortix® technology as a part of his research required the isolated prostate cancer patient’s CTC cells to be rapidly dried up on a microscope slide for minimum damage before fixation and further downstream analysis. Because when the isolated CTC cells are recovered in 200ml PBS solution from the Parsortix® device, the evaporation step took so long that majority of precious CTC cells underwent molecular degradations and apoptosis. Slide dryer reduced this time significantly saving a lot of time to his researchers as well as the reliability of the precious CTC cells for important study.

3 reviews for Slide Dryer

  1. Professor Yong-jie Lu (Team leader)

    The slide dryer made specifically for my CTC study, which significantly reduced the time required to dry the slides with CTC solutions dropped on them worked well, reducing the time from several hours to around 15 mins. It helped us to develop an efficient CTC immunofluorescence staining method downstream of Parsortix CTC isolation. We have used it for >8 years without problems. Last year, to increase the capacity of simultaneously drying many slides, we have ordered a larger specifically built unit, which can dry 14 slides at the same time. So far it worked well. These slide dryers not only save the time of my team members, but also make the immunofluorescence staining quality much better.

  2. Edwina Burke (CTC research technician)

    This slide drier has absolutely been one of the most valued items for our CTC study as a complimentary part of Parsortix® platform. It greatly helped us to rapidly dry our valuable samples on glass microscope slides and fix them before any damage or degradation happens to those viable cells. It also saved us a lot of time and greatly streamlined our processing step. All of my team members quite like this dryer and we all use it on a daily basis. To be honest, we are so used to it and the benefits it brought to our CTC research aspect that no one in my CTC research team would actually work as effectively without this slide dryer. Thanks a lot Imrali inventions.

  3. Junjie Chai (PhD student)

    I am writing to express my utmost appreciation for the thoughtfully designed and highly efficient slide dryer that you have created. As a regular user of this equipment in my laboratory, I find its design and function integral to my everyday work.

    The double-layer design is space-saving, accommodating up to 14 slides without taking up significant room on our lab bench. This compact design does not compromise its utility; rather, it enhances our work productivity by allowing us to dry a larger number of slides simultaneously.

    The black surface of the dryer plays a crucial role by providing an excellent visual contrast, allowing for better examination of the slides during our fixation and staining procedures. It’s a small detail that makes a big difference, enhancing the accuracy and speed of our workflow.

    Moreover, the slide slots’ design has proven to be incredibly practical, ensuring that the slides remain stable throughout the drying process without any displacement. It’s clear that meticulous attention has been paid to the stability factor, significantly reducing potential errors and damages during the critical drying stage.

    The power adjustment switch grants us the flexibility to alter the fan power according to the requirements of our experiments, contributing significantly to time efficiency. This feature allows us to customize the drying process to the unique needs of each project.

    In summary, the slide dryer imrali has created has not only exceeded our expectations but has also considerably enhanced our lab’s productivity and effectiveness. Your design exhibits an impressive understanding of the nuances and challenges in the world of lab work.

    Thank you for creating a piece of equipment that is now indispensable in our laboratory. We look forward to seeing what other innovative solutions you will create in the future.

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