Imrali Invention

Introducing iWash Slide Cleaner

Imrali Inventions Ltd presents for the first time in the world, our new product. We call it 'iWash Slide Cleaner' which can wash and recycle the image-based automated cell counter slides in less than 30 seconds. A result of years of research, development and perfection in our workshop.

The main reasons for using automated cell counter and the disposable cell counting slides are the ease of use, more accurate results, time-saving and elimination of biohazards generated during the washing of traditional haemocytometers. However, the relatively high cost of disposable slides has hindered the automated cell counters to be adopted by many laboratories around the world. On the other hand, re-useable slides introduced to overcome this problem are expensive, fragile and still require manual wash & dry which is time consuming and still generate biohazards like the traditional haemocytometers. Moreover, the single-use, disposable slides increase the plastic biohazard waste produced in the labs.

Our washer is the ultimate solution to all of these problems

Why throw the disposable cell counter slides in a bin while you can wash and reuse them multiple times without affecting the efficiency of your cell counting.

It is safer, quicker and more efficient to wash disposable slides than manually washing re-useable slides

Stop the MADNESS!   Time to save money, reduce waste and become an eco-friendly lab.

Question: Do you find automated cell counting expensive?

Our answer: Not anymore.

Have you ever imagined cleaning you disposable cell counter slides and reusing them again and again…

Well, we imagined it and we have now brought you the perfect solution. We at imrali inventions LTD have invented and developed a robust, efficient and very useful washing device to wash those disposable cell counter slides. We call it a ‘iWash Slide Cleaner’. Our slide washer can wash and dry all of the market’s leading image-based cell counter (Biorad’s TC20™, Invitrogen’s Countess II™, Logos biosystem’s Luna II™, Olympus’s Olypus R1™, Nexcelom’s Cellometer™) disposable slides in less than 30 seconds.

We designed this washer to be small and compact so it can easily be integrated into your laboratory bench space. We also designed this washer to be maintenance free and require no additional cost to operate. The wash fluid required to wash the slides can easily be made in-house from general cleaning agents.


This is absolutely a win-win situation for your automated cell counting


• Each disposable slides can be cleaned minimum of 20 times with no effect to the counting accuracy.

• Reduces the cost of automated cell counting by at least 95%.

• Reduces the amount of bio hazardous plastic waste produced by single used slides.

• Increases sustainability, helps reduce CO2 emission produced by manufacturing and disposal of slides.

• No need to manually clean and dry or replace the expensive re-useable slides.

• Small, reliable and compact benchtop washer that can easily be integrated into any lab setting.

• Unique direct injection technology allows rapid and efficient cleaning of the disposable slides.

• Disposable slides are cleaned in a sealed system so no risk of exposure to biohazards.

• Comes pre-programmed with our carefully developed optimum washing method.

• No calibration, no annual service, no additional cost of running.

• Fast and reliable. Each slide is cleaned and dried in less than 30 seconds.

• Washing causes absolutely no physical change to the slide.

• Wash fluid can be prepared in house.

• Fully automated as well as manual operation. Automatic wash means no user time is lost during wash.

• Cost recovery in less than 2 months (based on a lab of 50 people each using 1 slide per day).

• 1 year warranty.


• The only con we can think of is the preparation of wash fluid which can be done in less than a minute. If you can think of another one please let us know and we will immediately add it here.

All you need is a wash fluid concentrate and silicone defoamer

Wash fluid:

Wash fluid for the Slide Cleaner is very easy to prepare and very cheapJust add 1ml of our specially designed wash fluid concentrate in 200ml distilled water and mix​200ml of prepared wash fluid is enough to wash 100 slides

The carbon footprint of our washer is very low

The power consumed by washing and drying 200 slides is equivalent to 10.5W, which is the same as fully charging a mobile phone once.