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The iWash®, a revolution in cell counting


The iWash® Super+ is the newest member of the iWash family providing compatibility with multiple cell counters with one unit, these include;
Countess I/II/III, LunaFX7, TC20 C-chip, C-slide, RWD-C100/Pro, Quantom Tx, Eve Eve Plus, JuLI Br, Teecan-spark 3000

It may also include other products so contact us for more information if you are unsure about cell counter slide compatibility.


Winner of the 2018 LAB innovations award

best innovation award for slide cleaner


iWash® is the world’s first and only washer designed and developed specifically for  single-use disposable cell counter slides. iWash® can wash and recycle these automated cell counter slides in less than 15 seconds and each slide can be washed and reused more than 50 times.

As a result of the years of meticulous improvements, iWash® is designed to be calibration and service free as well as being user friendly for an optimum user experience. This allows your laboratory protocols to be efficient with almost no training required for members of the team.

With no major cost of running, its primary aim is to reduce costs and biological hazardous waste in laboratories by enabling the recycling of the each slide multiple times. iWash®  consists of washing and drying platforms where the used slide is washed automatically under 15 seconds and then dried on a separate platform in under 5 seconds.

It requires slides to be washed within 20 minutes of use before the complete drying of the slide. however different protocols are also developed along with iWash® accessories such as HumiBox to make the iWash® easily suitable with different laboratory workflows. These protocols and accessories make it possible to wash slides days after use or recover the completely dried out slides.

iWash® does not only make your labs greener by reducing the plastic disposable waste materials of cell counting it also has a very small carbon footprint. The energy consumed to wash and dry 100 slides is equivalent to 8.6 Watts which is much less than fully charging an ‘iPhone 11’ battery (12Watt).

The main reasons for using the disposable cell counting slides are the ease of use, more accurate results, time saving and elimination of exposure to biohazards during the cleaning of traditional haemocytometers. However, they increase the plastic waste produced in the labs as well as their relatively high cost has hindered the automated cell counters to be adopted by many laboratories around the world. On the other hand, re-useable slides introduced to reduce the waste generated by the disposable slides are still expensive, often have fragile glass parts and still require to be manually cleaned. which is time consuming, unsafe and generate biohazard material as the traditional haemocytometers.

We have invented the iWash® to solve all of the problems associated with automated cell counting and provide scientist with a top quality product for their teams




  • Clean and dry in less than 20 seconds
  • Each disposable slides can be cleaned more than 50 times
  • Reduces the cost of automated cell counting by at least 95%.
  • Reduces the plastic waste of cell counters.
  • Increases sustainability, helps reduce CO2 emission.
  • Slides are cleaned in a sealed and safe chamber.
  • No need to manually clean re-useable slides.
  • Small, reliable and compact benchtop washer.
  • Patented direct injection technology allows rapid and 100% cleaning efficiency.
  • No calibration, no annual service, no hidden cost of running.
  • Washing causes absolutely no physical change to the slide.
  • Proven technology with more than 5 years of customer experiences.
  • Return of investment in less than 6 months.



As used by:



Validation results on the Countess II cell counter slide:

For further case studies, validation and information on the product please click on the downloads tab.



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Compatibility Table

We have further developed and refined our iWash® models to provide unprecedented

multi-compatibility across a wide range of slides

iWash® Model #Compatible Cell Counter models
(iWash® Super+)
Countess I/II/III, LunaFX7, TC20
C-chip, C-slide, RWD-C100/C200FL/Pro, Quantom Tx, Eve
Eve Plus, JuLI Br, Teecan-spark 3000, CellacaMX
(iWash® NanoPro)
NanoEnteK® ALL slides
Eve, EvePlus, Adam, AdamII, Adam MC2, Adam MC2-
plus, Adam CellT, Adam rWBC, Adam SCC, AdamII LS,
AdamII CDX, Arthur
Accuchip2x, Accuchip4x, C-chip 2x, C-chip 4x, S-chip
C-slide, r- Slide, JuLI Br
IWD-NCNucleoCounter NC-3000 & NC-250
A2 and A8 slides
IWD-CMCellometer All Slides
IWD-CTDual compatible with
CountessI/II/III and TC20 slides
IWD110Countess I/II/III, Teecan spark 3000, C-chip, RWD-C100/Pro,
Quantom Tx, Eve, Eve Plus slides
IWD210LunaFL, LunaII & Olypus R1 2-chamber Slides
IWD310TC10 & TC20 slides


Dimensions 22 × 24 × 18 cm

11 reviews for iWash®

  1. Vipul Bhakta

    The innovative iWashTM Slide Cleaner has integrated into our cell culture workflow seamlessly; it is easy to use and adopted well by researchers. There is minimal maintenance, uses minimal bench space and helps towards our sustainable targets. The cost benefits by reusing slides allows our funding to go further, as well as being eco-friendly

  2. Mr. Garrett Montgomery

    As for the slide washer. We love it. Its quite honestly amazing. Since its purchase we have gone through less than 2 boxes of slides. And to be honest, we could have gone through less, but trying to implement some recycling habits with my staff is harder than I would like. Regardless, less than 100 slides used in over 100 days since the slide washer’s is an amazing feat. Especially with 16 people in the lab, of which 13 do daily tissue culture, and we have been running full at full capacity. The device will most likely pay itself off before the end of the year. We are very pleased.

  3. Ms Holly Godfray

    Since purchasing the iWashTM slide washer, we have reduced the amount of slides we purchase drastically. We recently had an issue with our supply of slides resulting in us being unable to purchase slides for almost 1 month. Because of the slide washer, our Tissue Culture work did not suffer and continued at the usual level of productivity as we were able to reuse our slides. The slide washer is very user friendly which is why I think it has become so popular in our lab.

  4. Dr George Georgiou

    We have been using the iWash Slide Cleaner from Imrali Inventions now for 3 months. It is extremely easy to use and cleans the slides faultlessly – both for the Countess slides as well as the Quantum bacterial counter sildes. In another month we will have recuperated our intitial capital investent on the iWash and the savings over a year will run into thousands of Euros. We are grateful for innovators such as Imrali Inventions for inventing simple, cost-effective devices that cut down the ever increasing costs of conducting high quality research – well done! We would have no hesitation to recommend the iWasher to ALL laboratories worldwide – it will pay for itself in only a few months!

  5. Christine

    Le laveur/sécheur de lames est un outil très utile, surtout si on souhaite utiliser des lames jetables avec un compteur automatique de cellules, sans pour autant générer encore et encore des déchets plastiques. C’est une initiative à saluer dans un monde de laboratoire où l’on produit quotidiennement de nombreux déchets plastiques. Dans le labo, il a très vite été adopté : peu encombrant, très facile et rapide d’utilisation, efficace, on récupère rapidement des lames propres et sèches, prêtes à être réutilisées. De plus, le SAV est à l’écoute et réactif : nous avions des problèmes de bulles dans les lames, qui ont pu être résolus grâce à la fabrication d’un nouveau tampon de lavage « à façon ». Il y a une vraie volonté de satisfaire les clients avec cet appareil.

  6. Paul Grevitt

    In the lab its hard to avoid the use of plastic. In order to work effectively we get through a huge amount of plastic. The slide washer has been an excellent addition to our lab to help reduce the amount of plastic we get through daily without any drop in performance. We are now able to reuse slides countless times whilst still having accurate cell counts. Great piece of kit!

  7. Nadeem Shaikh

    We use the slide washer on a daily basis in our Tissue Culture lab. It works very well to clean the cell counting slides, meaning that we can re-use the slides over and over. It’s not very easy or practical to save on plastic waste in a biological sciences lab, but finally this is one approach that works.

  8. Elisa Heyrman

    The slide cleaner is a nice incentive to reduce laboratory waste and costs. I hope that the device will stimulate fellow researchers to take a more sustainable approach whilst working in the lab. I am using the slide washer on a daily basis and I can re-use the slides without any issues. ImraliInventions is improving the device over time and is always around for support in case the machine needs a little fix.

  9. Dr Rebecca Gresham

    The iWash® Slide Cleaner is a sustainability breakthrough in lab consumable usage. Instead of using hundreds of slides a week we are now using only a few. This means savings in cost and helping to save the planet. The slides come completely clean after washing and are like new, so there is no adverse effect on data at all. we buy our slides in bulk to reduce the cost of the slides but then we realised the iWash cost less than the bulk of the slides and it helps reduce the plastic waste of our tissue culture facility. Also making our lab greener by reusing the slides is an added bonus of having the iWash. Our lab members are keen users of the iWash and it is very easy to use. Now, instead of using hundreds of slides per week we only use a few and we have saved a lot of money since we started using the iWash

  10. Dr Kunal Shah

    I have been routinely using the iWash slide washer in our tissue culture facility at Barts Cancer Institute for several months. It really is easy to use and very fast at cleaning and drying the plastic slides we use for our cell counter. It only takes 30 seconds to wash and dry a slide and I’ve not experienced any problems with reusing washed slides for cell counting on the Countess II cell counter. Thanks to the iWash slide washer, the slides can be reused multiple times and I’ve probably saved using dozens of new slides and therefore money that could be better spent elsewhere. This is a great product which saves both money and plastic waste.

  11. Professor Tsai

    We’ve been quite satisfied with the iWash® so far, and have used it to wash hundreds of slides.

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