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iWash® Nano-Pro

iWash® Nano-Pro is specially designed All-in-One slide washer which is compatible with all of Nano-Entek branded counter slides

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The iWash®, a revolution in cell counting


iWash® Nano-Pro is specially designed All-in-One slide washer which is compatible with all of Nano-Entek branded counter slides.

It may also include other products so contact us for more information if you are unsure about cell counter slide compatibility.

Winner of the 2018 LAB innovations award

best innovation award for slide cleaner


iWash® is the world’s first and only washer designed and developed specifically for  single-use disposable cell counter slides. iWash® can wash and recycle these automated cell counter slides in less than 15 seconds and each slide can be washed and reused more than 50 times.

As a result of the years of meticulous improvements, iWash® is designed to be calibration and service free as well as being user friendly for an optimum user experience. This allows your laboratory protocols to be efficient with almost no training required for members of the team.

With no major cost of running, its primary aim is to reduce costs and biological hazardous waste in laboratories by enabling the recycling of the each slide multiple times. iWash®  consists of washing and drying platforms where the used slide is washed automatically under 15 seconds and then dried on a separate platform in under 5 seconds.

It requires slides to be washed within 20 minutes of use before the complete drying of the slide. however different protocols are also developed along with iWash® accessories such as HumiBox to make the iWash® easily suitable with different laboratory workflows. These protocols and accessories make it possible to wash slides days after use or recover the completely dried out slides.

iWash® does not only make your labs greener by reducing the plastic disposable waste materials of cell counting it also has a very small carbon footprint. The energy consumed to wash and dry 100 slides is equivalent to 8.6 Watts which is much less than fully charging an ‘iPhone 11’ battery (12Watt).

The main reasons for using the disposable cell counting slides are the ease of use, more accurate results, time saving and elimination of exposure to biohazards during the cleaning of traditional haemocytometers. However, they increase the plastic waste produced in the labs as well as their relatively high cost has hindered the automated cell counters to be adopted by many laboratories around the world. On the other hand, re-useable slides introduced to reduce the waste generated by the disposable slides are still expensive, often have fragile glass parts and still require to be manually cleaned. which is time consuming, unsafe and generate biohazard material as the traditional haemocytometers.

We have invented the iWash® to solve all of the problems associated with automated cell counting and provide scientist with a top quality product for their teams




  • Clean and dry in less than 20 seconds
  • Each disposable slides can be cleaned more than 50 times
  • Reduces the cost of automated cell counting by at least 95%.
  • Reduces the plastic waste of cell counters.
  • Increases sustainability, helps reduce CO2 emission.
  • Slides are cleaned in a sealed and safe chamber.
  • No need to manually clean re-useable slides.
  • Small, reliable and compact benchtop washer.
  • Patented direct injection technology allows rapid and 100% cleaning efficiency.
  • No calibration, no annual service, no hidden cost of running.
  • Washing causes absolutely no physical change to the slide.
  • Proven technology with more than 5 years of customer experiences.
  • Return of investment in less than 6 months.



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Validation results on the Countess II cell counter slide:

For further case studies, validation and information on the product please click on the downloads tab.



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Dimensions 22 × 24 × 18 cm


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