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CAT#: iSP-500


The iSpirator, the Worlds first Smart and Green aspirator


The iSpirator is designed for a minimal carbon footprint with multiple waste storage capacities. This powerful aspirator has a dual head brushless pump increasing pump longevity, aspiration speed and performance to a standard higher conventional aspirators. The unique handpiece controller ensures powerful suction on demand, ease of use, energy saving and a considerable long product life.


How to Remove Liquid Waste Using Vacuum Aspirator



The iSpirator Mini is our smalleest aspirator with 500mL of waste storage, very portable but still powerful. Great for use in smaller hoods and in work stations with less space.

Most aspirators are not user friendly, block too often, waste so much energy, difficult to maintain, are too noisy, too large and do not support aseptic procedures. Here we introduce our innovative aspirator to solve all these issues.

iSpirator is the world’s first smart-green aspirator designed for the performance, space, durability as well as the ecological impact in mind.

With our innovative handpiece the user can communicate with the iSpirator in real time which means that iSpirator only turns on when the user holds the handpiece to aspirate and not when the user is doing any other tasks.

Conventional aspirator’s are switched on from the main body and remain switched on during the entire time but they are only used to aspirate at short increments of time. This makes them wasteful because on average 80% of the consumed energy is wasted. The energy wastage is dramatically increased when they are easily forgotten to be switched off manually because the main switch is not near or easily accessible by the user. Moreover, the conventional aspirators are also bulky, too noisy, fragile, difficult to maintain, block often, too large, and/or looks ugly.

Our innovative “Smart and Green Aspirator” is not only eco-friendly, it also has a number of innovative developments that significantly increases performance, durability, safety and user friendliness.




iSpirator: Our new “Smart and Green Aspirator” provides a novel approach to aspirating in the laboratory with three different sizes, energy saving design and a cheaper cost while maintaining the high quality of Imrali products.


  • The hand piece is wireless and only turns on with use*
  • 100% Stable constant vacuum level is achieved and can be adjusted on the handpiece (our proprietary built-in design) and not by the vacuum sensors which often can fail or block  causing significant fluctuations in the vacuum levels *
  • Brushless, internal motor and chemically resistant diagram pump enables maintenance-free long life usage*
  • Liquid levels in the waste bottle is detected and stopped from escaping by our proprietary “liquid flow blocker” integrated into the lid. No more filter blocking problems. Unlike other aspirator brands that use electrodes in the waste bottle to detect the rising liquid levels which requires additional cable connections to the waste bottle prone to rust and oxidization by the harsh chemical waste and often with the  electronic controller unit of the metal electrodes failing and using more energy*
  • Internal, high capacity, Li-ion battery, fully portable with no need for immediate socket for upto 5 hours of constant aspiration. You can use it anywhere you want. The competitors last a maximum of 2*
  • You can stably aspirate 1ml/min speed (highly sensitive aspirations when removing media from the tubes with very loosely attached DNA/cell pellest at the bottom or removing media from fragile matrigel domes from multi-well plates) to 100ml/min speeds when removing media from culture flasks*
  • Power consumption is 6W/hour when aspirating and 0.02W/h on standby. The lowest power consumption for any aspirator of this size, speed and capability impossible to forget it turned on*
  • Proprietary internal silencer provides super silent operation. You can only hear the movement of liquid in the pipes not the pump itself*
  • Handpiece magnetically attaches to the body in any orientation. no more untidiness*
  • Handpiece fits to any size tip, no adaptors needed.*

* denotes novelty


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9 reviews for iSpirator Mini

  1. Dr Pramod Darvin – Postdoctoral researcher

    The table top aspirator designed by Imrali Invention is the best model covering all the aspects of a best table top aspirator. This is small yet powerful aspirator system that can be used inside the cell culture hood. Its compact size do not occupy much space and provide best containment with infectious human samples. The liquid collection bottle with lid rotation, made it very comfortable to remove the waste fluid filled bottle without any possibilities of spillage.

    The hand piece design is simply amazing with perfect weight and design with best hand balance. This is the best design that provide the user an excellent head to hand synchronization. The hand piece also holds variety of tips to remove media from all different culture flasks and plates makes the system super addictive. Apart from all these, the hand piece is remote operated with a switch to turn the system ON/OFF. That give me a very peaceful cell culture experience without any irritating motor noise.

    Moreover, the system has a magnet based holder position to keep the hand piece when not in use. I felt really convenient to keep the hand piece to the magnet between each aspiration. This not only support the easiness but also keep the hood clutter free without disturbing other items in the hood.

    The one sentence comment on the product is, “simply amazing” simple design with amazing features.

  2. Dr Remi Samain – Post-doctoral fellow, ICR

    This iSpirator from Imrali inventions is so much better that the one we have in the lab. Very convenient to use, small and powerful also super easy to clean.

  3. Dr Christina Zarouchlioti, Post-doctoral researcher, UCL

    I have been impressed by its convenience of the iSpirator from Imrali inventions.
    The aspirator is very compact, so it is perfect for use on the bench -even in crowded labs. It is very powerful, and the suction can be easily adjusted directly on the handpiece which is really convenient. I also liked the fact that the aspirator is on only when activated by the button on the handpiece which makes the aspirator less noisy than others.
    I would highly recommend this product!

  4. Jaume Barcelo Perez – PhD Student, ICR

    The iSpirator is easy to use, efficient and adaptable to different tips. It is also highly versatile since it can be used inside of TC or as a bench aspirator in the lab. Moreover, it allows you to control the suction speed, making it easier to use. Would definitely recommend!

  5. Dr Christos Kakouratos – Postdoctoral researcher

    I had the pleasure of using the liquid aspirator from Imrali inventions and exceeded all my expectations. The device is small and compact, making it easy to store it and use it in the hood or on the bench.

    One of the features that really impressed me was the eco-friendliness of the aspirator. Unlike other aspirators that run continuously, this device is designed to activate only when in use (by the hand-piece), which not only saves energy but also reduces its carbon footprint. Another big plus of this activation feature is that the aspirator is completely silent when you don’t actually use it, which is a huge plus for anyone who values a peaceful working environment.

    Additionally, the adjustable suction power is easily controlled by the hand-piece, making it convenient to use and saving you time.

    Another key feature of this aspirator is its safety. Its screwable lid prevents any spillage, which means you can work with confidence knowing that any liquids you’re handling won’t accidentally spill and cause a mess. And when you’re done using it, the hand-piece can be safely stored on the magnet located on the main device.

    Overall, I highly recommend this liquid aspirator to anyone who wants a high-quality device that is small, compact, eco-friendly, safe, and convenient to use. It’s perfect for anyone who needs a reliable aspirator and values sustainability.

  6. Christos Ermogenous – 1st Year PhD student Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

    The aspirator was both very powerful and easy to use and clean. I also liked the added extra of the magnet for holder which was a nice touch.

  7. Dr Vittoria Graziani – Barts Cancer Institute

    I definitely recommend iSpirator. It is possible to change tips easily, allowing the user to select the tip that is more adequate for the desired aspiration. The waste bottle can be changed keeping the instrument always clean. The magnetic hold for the pipe is very convenient, circumventing unpleasant liquid dropping from the machine. iWash is also very compact occupying a very reduced space. Last but not least, the remote control is a unique touch which, in contraposition to other aspirators, allows to avoid energy waste and to minimise the rumour deriving from the machine.

    All in all, if I need to rate iSpirator I will give to this aspirator 5 out of 5.

  8. Dr Lourdes Chulia-Peris – Postdoc researcher at QMUL

    I am writing you to give my opinion about the smart aspirator that you imrali invented.
    iSpirator is amazing. It is very clean; you can change the waste bottle keeping the instrument always clean and the magnetic hold for the hose avoids the liquid dropping from the machine. It is very easy to change tips in case you need for different conditions and sizes. It is very compact occupying a very reduced space. And the most fascinating thing with respect other aspirators is the remote control that allows you to avoid energy waste and to have a perfect control of the aspiration in your samples. I definitely recommend this tool for aspiration.

  9. Samantha George – PhD Student, Centre for Tumour Microenvironment, Barts Cancer Institute

    This compact and easy-to-use benchtop aspirator works wonders. It is versatile to fit in a variety of lab spaces without compromising function. After usage it is also very easy to clean, allowing it to provide sustainable use. Would definitely recommend to the scientific community.

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