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June 25, 2024

Maximizing Efficiency in the Lab with iWash: A Comprehensive Review

Maximizing Efficiency in the Lab with iWash: A Comprehensive Review

In the changing environment of scientific research, efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability are key dimensions that drive innovation. Laboratories around the world face the challenge of balancing cost, environmental impact, and operational efficiency.

Automated cell counters combined with disposable cell counting slides have revolutionized the process by offering ease of use, increased time efficiency, and enhanced accuracy. However, the high cost and environmental problems of disposable slides is a drawback. A groundbreaking solution is designed by Imrali Inventions.   

The Challenge of Disposable Cell Counting Slides

Automated cell counters like Invitrogen, Logos Biosystems, Olympus and Nexcelom are attached slides in many laboratories because of their precision and ease of use. Disposable cell counting slides with these devices eliminate the repetitive and bio-hazardous task of washing traditional haemocytometers. It offers a streamlined and safer workflow in the labs.

On the contrary, the disposable slides are high cost and act as a barrier to increased adoption. Moreover, the environmental impact of single-use plastics increases concerns for the environment.

As a solution, scientists would use reusable slides. It is a cost-saving measure and comes with its own set of challenges. The slides are fragile, expensive, and require manual washing and drying. The process of using it is time-consuming and potentially hazardous. This has led to a need for a solution that combines both the benefits of disposable and reusable slides without their drawbacks.

Introducing the iWash Slide Cleaner

iwash cell counter slide cleaner

Imarali Inventions Ltd has increased a challenge with their innovative product which is the iWash Slide Cleaner. The compact, benchtop device is designed to wash and dry disposable cell counting slides within 30 seconds. The system makes the slides reusable multiple times without compressing counting accuracy. The reasons the technology standsout are noted below:

Cost Efficiency:

Each disposable slide can be cleaned and reused at least 20 times. The iWash Slide Cleaner reduces the cost of automated cell counting by up to 95%. The drastic reduction in price makes the computerised cell counters accessible to laboratories with tight budgets. 

Environmental Impact:

By reusing the slides the plastic waste is reduced addressing major environmental concerns associated with disposable slides. The technology helps in moving towards sustainable practices.

Operational Efficiency

The iWash Slide Cleaner has a fast cleaning cycle (under 30 seconds per slide) ensuring minimal downtime which allows researchers to focus on their core tasks. The device operates automatically further saving users time and effort.


The washing process of slide cleaner is conducted in a sealed system and it eliminates the risk of exposure to biohazards. The process enhances laboratory safety and hygiene.

Maintenance Free

The slide cleaner system requires no calibration or annual servicing and ] operates without additional running costs.

Compact Design

The small footprint of the iWash Slide Cleaner can fit into any laboratory bench whether you have a small setup or large professional labs.

Direct Injection Technology

The unique feature of iWash technology is its rapid and efficient cleaning of the slides. It helps maintain their integrity and ensures no physical changes could affect the counting accuracy.

Pre-programmed Washing Method

The technology comes with a pre-programmed optimized washing protocol which is developed through extensive research. The programmed settings support resource efficiency and reliable cleaning performance.

Dual Operation Modes

The iWash Slide Cleaner operate in both fully automated and manual modes, offering flexibility to users depending on their workflow needs.

Common Concerns

With advantages come some disadvantages which can’t be ignored. The only noted disadvantage by scientists is the preparation. The simple process takes less than a minute to prepare. It takes 1 ml of wash fluid with 200 ml of distilled water. With a busy lab, it can be a drawback to prepare the mixture for cleaning.

Practical Application and User Experience

The iWash Slide Cleaner is designed to be user-friendly and easily integrated into existing laboratory workflows. Its small footprint ensures that it can fit comfortably on any lab bench while the maintenance-free operations mean you can enjoy continuous, hassle-free performance. The ability to prepare wash fluid in-house is an additional convenience. It allows labs to maintain control over the supply chain and reduce operational costs.


The iWash Slide Cleaner Technology represents a significant advancement in laboratory efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability. It enables the rapid and safe recycling of disposable cell counting slides. The innovative device addresses the key challenges of modern technology. In the changing dynamics and increased pressure of convenience the iWash Slide Cleaner is a transformative solution increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness.


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