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Iwash - The Best Cleaning Solution for Your Slides
February 7, 2024

Iwash- The Best Cleaning Solution for Your Slides.

IWash – The Best Cleaning Solution for Your Slides.


There are many types of instruments designed and constructed for the cleaning of microscopic slides, which are required in research facilities and laboratories to prepare samples in the field of microscopy. These devices provide individuals or users with various utilizations, from general basic cleaning to more advanced usage, which may include automated functions.


At IMRALI INVENTIONSwe have built an innovative cleaning device, Iwash, a new revolution in the medical field, thus supporting cell counting procedures. Iwash not only cleans the microscopic slides but also recycles the disposable or plastic microscopic slides; the attributes and functions of Iwash allow it to be an environmentally friendly machine. It is evident that carbon-neutral practices are important due to the climate crisis and global heating, so it is important to use a carbon-neutral machine. Using Iwash, you can reduce the overall carbon footprint of your processes. The other merit one can get from using this device is that you can save money. Hence, it is a cost-effective solution as well. According to the characteristics given in the product manual, the device allows you to reuse old and new slides, making it the best and most lucrative cleaning solution for microscopic slides.


  • I wash is also equipped with the direct injection system, which, when used, places a high-pressure injector into the chamber of the device, allowing cleaning recycle all the automated slides within a minimum time, hence not only saving cost but increasing the production yield and reduce throughput time in the process. It is evident that the device comes under the premium price range, but a research facility with an average of 40 to 50 slides usage can project a return on investment in less than three months. Therefore, this slide-cleaning device saves money and time and, at the same time, follows the path of carbon neutrality.       
  • The device can clean the same disposable slide multiple times, for instance, more than 40 times, without affecting the yield and accuracy of the slide. Moreover, the cost of various tasks can be reduced to the maximum level; for example, the cost of cell counting procedures is decreased significantly. Additionally, with frequent usage of Iwash, the consumption of plastic decreases, which automatically reduces the biohazard plastic waste; hence, sustainability increases with a reduction in C02 emissions.
  • With the deployment of Iwash, manual cleaning is replaced, increasing productivity and reducing the finger stress on the user, allowing the output efficiency to be elevated. Furthermore, specialized direct injection tech makes cleaning the slides quickly and effectively possible. During the cleaning process, the device allows the user to completely seal the slide inside the chamber, which effectively cleans the slide without the risk of biohazard exposure and provides protection against possible contaminants.
  • The device has a dual cleaning system, manual as well as automatic, enabling the user to adapt to the required conditions. Iwash preprogrammed with precisely designed optimal cleaning solutions. The device is also equipped with cutting-edge technology engineered to enhance the washing process. Hence, this preprogrammed element not only increases the efficiency but also improves the accuracy of the process. Moreover, the automatic programming automatically allows the machine to consider several factors, for instance, contaminants and other environmental conditions; thus, the device maintains the high consistency and cleaning standards required in scientific disciplines.
  • Iwash is built with precision and constructed with accuracy while keeping it convenient and easy for users to use. Its compact design and all-in-one cleaning ability guarantee effective results. Besides this, the device maximizes its utility without compromising the facility space. So, the small yet compact design allows the user to produce space effectively.
  • It has a plug-and-play system that doesn’t require any calibration, annual service, or additional device maintenance costs. With this feature, the training cost is reduced. It means that with a minimum timeframe, the user easily gets trained to use the device, reducing additional expenses for the company and making it easily accepted by any lab or research facility.
  • The total throughput time is also exceptionally reduced as each microscopic slide is cleaned and dried within 40 seconds.




IMRALI INVENTIONS has developed an innovative cleaning instrument, I Washwhich cleans microscopic slides and recycles disposable slides, making them more environmentally friendly. The device supports cell counting procedures and is cost-effective. Moreover, the instrument is equipped with the latest direct injection system. The device is built with a compact design that maximizes its utility, and its plug-in system eliminates additional costs, making it widely accepted by labs and facilities.



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