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May 8, 2024

iWash Technology: Diverse Cell Cleaning Solutions

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iWash Technology: Diverse Cell Cleaning Solutions.

In the evolving world of lab research, discoveries are always in process shifting the way people operate. iWash technology brings in a new surprise that has changed the way the cell culture process is performed. One of the best sustainable products is the iWash technology slide cleaner.

The reason for its relevance in today’s world is the need for sustainability. Especially in cell counting, it has transformed processes and the way slides are cleaned and used again. We’re going to take a close look at the different kinds of slides used in cell counting and how iWash technology has played its role while promoting ‘green’ practices.

Understanding the Diversity of Cell Counting Slides

Counting cells is a key part of biology studies. It helps us learn about cell counting, cell growth, and survival. To perform different experiments we use special slide­s. Each slide is different to fit various cell counting methods and tools.

C-chip and C-slide- are types of slides that work with many cell-counting tools and their cell chambers help accurately count cells and check if cells are alive.

RWD-C series- slides are made for specific counters, like the RWD-C100 and RWD-C200FL. They help with reliable and consistent counting.

NucleoCounter slides- is another type of slide for the NucleoCounter NC-3000 and NC-250. They automate the counting process, making it quick and error-free.

TC series slides- work with the TC10 and TC20 counters and are great for counting many cells quickly. They are used in research and health care.

LunaFL and LunaII slides are meant to be used with Luna series counters. These are best for counting cells using fluorescence because they are high on accuracy.

The iWash Solution

Cell counting slides were earlier used as a single use plastic contributing to high wastage. The production of high wastage also increased cost and environmental problems. But, the iWash slide cleaner is changing things. Its technology is making it possible to reuse slides for sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

So, what’s so special about iWash Slide Cleaner?

1- Quick Cleaning:

Here’s one­ —iWash. It cleans slides fast and less than 20 seconds. The product helps clean it without leaving any substances. You need to be very careful when using it and go through the instructions before use.

2- Compatibility:

iWash is a friend to many and can be used for different cell counting slides and machines. Even for learners and beginners I is a great way to reuse slide s and reduce wastage.

3- Savings:

Imagine using 10 slides for an experiment and then using slide cleaner and reusing it. How much cost does it save? 10 times cost is reduced.

4- Ecofriendly Practices

The use and disposal of plastic increases waste causing damage to the environment. The waste is reduced using iWash.

5. Long-Term Technology:

Labs all over the globe have found success with iWash, so it’s not new. With this new technology, lab workers were able to streamline their cell counting procedures.

Embracing New Ideas for Superior Scientific Performance

Innovative approaches for high-quality research have a high impact on the success and failure. With 
iWash® slide cleaners and cell counting slides researchers can use an iterative approach without using too much resources. By using the slide cleaner they demonstrates a commitment to acting responsibly and sustainably.

Researchers can benefit the environment, save money, and make better use of resources by adopting innovative technology. The use of iWash products in laboratory procedures has a dual purpose. It makes cell counting easier with iWash and displays a shared promise to push science forward while caring for the earth’s resources.

The iWash® slide cleaner has revolutionized cell counting for researchers. Being environmentally conscious, efficient, and exact is of the utmost importance as we navigate the intricate components of contemporary research. Using the new and improved slide cleaner has simplified eco-friendliness.


The demonstration of cell counting slides are each tailored to different techniques and equipment. Still, a huge shift towards a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective method of cleaning slides has occurred with 
iWash solutions.
All across the world, laboratories are implementing iWash Technology to enhance their processes, reduce plastic waste, and contribute to environmental sustainability without sacrificing scientific rigor. As leaders in science innovation, it’s our obligation to employ transformational tech that not only improves our research capacity but also displays our dedication to the Earth.

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