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Discover Auto Cell Counting Solutions Iwash
March 27, 2024

Discover Automated Cell Counting Solutions With iWASH Technology

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Discover Automated Cell Counting Solutions With iWASH Technology

The iWash automated cell counting solution is one imperative instrument in the laboratory and research facilities. The iWash technology streamlines the cleaning and preparation of slides for cell counting procedures. The article provides details on automated cell counting solutions using iWash technology.

Why Use iWash Technology?

Global scientific research has increased over the last 20 years, leading to high financial and environmental costs. It has stretched budgets and limited the scope of various studies. The reason why the iWash technology came into being is sustainability. Technology today has become increasingly crucial for minimization of waste and reducing expenditure. The automated cell counting system is powerful but still needs to be more efficient because of the sample handling. The sample handling could be either slide-free or require single-use slides, which would mean high financial costs.

The iWash® slide cleaner was developed after research that created a new concept where slides weren’t disposed of, but a newly developed slide was used to reuse them. The reusable method decreased cost without compromising data quality. The slide needs high-quality maintenance to keep the quality intact s amongst cell counter users. In any case, if the new slide has any kind of contamination, the results could be rendered. Hence, cleaning the slide carefully before use is advisable, making iWash a crucial tool.

Understanding iWash Technology

The iWash cell counter slide cleaner automates the slides’ cleaning in the counting process. It uses advanced technology to remove debris, stains, and contaminants for cell counter slides to ensure accuracy in results. Most laboratories continue to use the old cell counter for consistency of operations and analysis. Still, there is a high need to implement sustainable practices as most waste comes from laboratory materials. As a direct result of iWash technology in cell counters, there can be a massive decrease in waste. iWash cleaner for cellometer slides can help lessen waste and promote the overall environment.

How to Wash Slides?

The iWash technology uses an automated low-pressure liquid cleaner to wash the slide cavity deep. The wash procedure efficiently removes culture samples and helps deactivate any biohazardous organisms. After the cleaning procedure, the cell counter slides are dried before attaching them to a vacuum-based drying device to be 100% sure that any contamination from the slides is removed and they are ready to use for other cell counting procedures.

The soft nature of the detergent makes the cleaning process extremely gentle.

A mild disinfectant solution and a soft cloth are needed for external surfaces. It requires an attentive wipe down on the upper areas of the iWash cell counter slide cleaner after every use. The practice diminishes the collection of debris and contaminants in one location to preserve operational integrity.

Another precaution to wash the slide is regularly monitoring for residual debris, stains, or buildup. A gentle sponge or a brush will help cleanse the bath, ensuring the performance is not affected by the subsequent cleaning cycles.

Monitoring of Cell Counter Slide Cleaner

There is a high need to maintain vigilance when cleaning the cell counter slides. The person carrying out the cleaning process must be aware of how to wash slides to keep the quality of the solution within the iWash automated cell counter. It is also essential to replace the solution if the manufacturers recommend a change to be efficient in cleaning and precision when counting cells. It is also essential that the cleaning procedure is regularly monitored to avoid contamination or depletion. It helps protect the cell counter slides for accuracy to meet the laboratory quality standards.

Slides Handling Practices

Accuracy and precision are essential in automated cell counting solutions as they require delicate manipulation. The best practice needs to be exercised in the process of handling cell counter slides. The iWash technology can be fragile, and there can be a high chance of damage to its components. The force applied to the cell counter slide needs to be just right, as excessive force during the slide insertion or removal can damage it. Careful handling of slides during and after the procedure can minimize the risk of operational impairments.

The other practice for handling slides is to remain aware of the potential impact or shocks that could compromise the system’s functionality. There is a need to hold the iWash Cell counter slide cleaner with precautions to prolong its lifespan and ensure that operations are not interrupted.

Securing iWash Slide Cleaner

  • Along with the washing practices, it is also imperative that the environment for keeping the cell counter slide is clean and well-ventilated to minimize the risk of contamination and secure it for optimal performance.
  • avoiding cell count slides from exposure to extreme temperatures, high humidity, and sunlight is crucial.
  • Dust particles and debris accumulation can also affect the performance of the iWash slide cleaner. Therefore, it is critical to keep them away from the slides.

Training and Education

Maintaining the quality

To implement these performance standards, the staff s must train as per the above guidelines. There must be extensive training sessions to offer comprehensive training for laboratory staff to maintain and operate automated cell counting solutions for iWash technology.

Understanding the consequence

Further, it is required to ensure that the user understands that the proper cleaning must be addressed as it can affect the medical procedure and results. The consequences must be catered to to avoid any negligence by the people involved in the procedure.

Foster a culture of accountability.

The laboratory needs to foster a culture of accountability and teamwork to promote collaborative efforts to maintain and optimize the performance of the iWash Slide Cleaner.


The iWash technology helps sustain accuracy and precision for the automated cell counting solution. The article provides an understanding of the use and the process through which the slides can be secured and performed at their best. The maintenance and results can be efficient and valuable by embracing a proactive approach to protecting the cell slides.

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